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Pappy’s Relationship Advice For Men and Women

“Men are sombiches,” they say, and “darned women aint reasonable,” says others. But you ain’t lookin’ to marry “men”, or “women”, are ya. No, all you gotta do is really understand one.


This advice is Pappy Approved™.

Disclaimer: If it don’t work, due to the darned tricky nature of hitchin’ and courtin’, it entirely ain’t my fault.

Disdisclaimer: Jr is still hopeless.


Sheltered Life

Picture a rock, if you will. Now picture that rock deep inside a cave. Finally, in your mind’s eye, take a stroll out of the cave and see that the cave is under a mountain. Now, back to the rock. Underneath the rock lives a large family. They weren’t always destined to live in such seclusion. The parents came from fairly normal–perhaps one could say “worldly” in the non-religious sense–families. Perhaps an in-depth treatment of their stories would be an interesting study, but I’ll refrain, for brevity’s sake. I will just say that they met and were married in a small but vibrant Fundamentalist Baptist church, with strong Ruckmanite leanings, and highly separatist in nature. Into this small, small world, I and a large number of siblings were born and raised. They could probably tell stories of their own if they wished, but all in their time – I’ll stick to my own.

This is hardly a tale of heroics on my part, as should be apparent by the end. I share this to be an encouragement to the readers and show that God works even when we don’t know what we’re doing – “fumbling for a light switch in the dark”, to borrow a Mat Kearney lyric. My chosen part was often simply that of a spectator, a follower, a bystander. There’s no prescription here for life – I have no answers, no deep spiritual truths to give upon looking back at my experiences. Perhaps the readers can help with that. All I can see is God consistently bringing the right people into my life at the right times, to this day – from my wife, to two of my sisters, to a flawed but sincere SBC church, to a game forum admin, to a woman with a passion for seeing spiritual abuse become a thing of the past (two people I probably won’t get to in this story, amongst others). He works in mysterious ways to wake up His children. I’d love to dive into so many rabbit holes in this, but again, I’ll refrain, for the most part.  So, onward. Continue reading Sheltered Life

I’ve Said My Piece And Counted to Three

Just thinking about the missus today, and how far she’s come, and how far we’ve both come, together. No occasion–it’s not our anniversary–but the mind wanders some days when the office is slow.

They say communication is a vital part of marriage, and we knew that coming in, and thought we were doing great. Well, I thought we were doing great. Life was good, you know? She ain’t complaining, I aint complaining – what’s there to say, eh?

But then you start talking for real. Continue reading I’ve Said My Piece And Counted to Three